Farewell to a friend, a family member, a mentor and all round good egg

Rest in Peace Yaya.

A name not many folk could probably identify or understand but our family does seem littered with nicknames and nom de plumes. We’re anything but dull in our busy and disjointed casa but maybe we could have been a bit more open, maybe we that are left can be a bit more open. Perhaps that last thought is a regret and perhaps there are always regrets when people pass, however I have always tried to embrace the stoic and solitary existence. The thought of discussing such a taboo matter for me would not be entertained.

It is hard to trust people enough to let down the barriers sometimes just a singular person can be enough to help. There are only a few one would trust to pour out the ups and downs to and just know they wouldn’t judge, just listen and provide the warmth of an embrace. That is probably why it is easier to write on the faceless vast internet under a pseudonym, so you can lose yourself amongst the billions of pages of slightly more pretentious drivel than my own.

But I digress, this isn’t for me but for a dear, close relative. Such a fascinating and fun filled life you led. Your generation lived longer and larger than we could ever.  If I had experienced an iota of what you have it would have been time well spent. Yaya you taught me more than you could imagine, be it manners, the dying chivalry that seems to be lacking in London. Today we are suspicious and selfish these days and never realise just how small gestures can change how we perceive the rest of society.

You were there when I was young, alone and scared. You were there when I was hurt. You were there when I was knocked down and taught me how to pick myself up again.

We lost you before your time came. I wish I had been better and I wish I can be better to help my Father through this. You touched many peoples lives and still do.


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